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Edison can create POP retail innovations that pop out effectively at point of purchase. In the retail industry, purchase is the point. Today’s display and signage require that immediacy, sizzling sophistication, and specialized expert finesse. When it comes to moving the goods, Edison has the goods for innovative—and complex—retail, sports, and entertainment display, in-store décor, and packaging solutions.


We bring a project from start to finish. The finish is our cutting-edge finishing department that makes sure projects are finished with finesse.


Here are some recent case studies. We are proud that we made the clients look great, as great as they are! We were thrilled with the results and so were they. Each involved a creative or technical challenge, solved as the finishing department broke through the finish line with a finished POP display or signage innovation breakthrough.


Svedka New Flavors Presentation Kit


Our client called us with the task of creating a high-impact presentation kit containing five bottles of their new flavored vodka as well as four drinking glasses. The challenge was to design the kit to be shipped byUPS while ensuring that all enclosed items would arrive intact. Needless to say—they did: there wasn’t one report of damage. The client said they were very well-received by their new clients. So despite potential danger of high impact, the project had—high impact!


Grand Marnier Holiday Case Card


The specs on this project were “high-impact, low-budget”. No problem. We achieved it by printing a spot UV to highlight the product, adding lugons to give it dimension, and affixing inexpensive random light-flashers to attract the consumer’s attention. It worked, stunningly—and within budget, too.


Veuve Clicquot Chandelier


The client wanted a high-end “permanent looking” display but only had a temporary display budget. Again, no problem. We were able to achieve just that, using black foam core, black UVcoated sheets, black hi-gloss litho wrapped poles and a black coex base. These substrates and processes—along with an intricate and extraordinary design—enabled us to give them exactly what they were looking for. It ended up looking great. So did the client.


Revlon End Aisle Clip Strip


This project was particularly challenging. The client wanted to display twelve pieces of product, but weren’t given additional shelf space for this at the store. A standard clip strip wasn’t an option: the product isn’t packaged on a card: it’s loose. This display was our creative solution. It hangs from either a hook on the pegwall or an “S”hook at the end of the aisle. It proved to bevery successful! Revlon has ordered many thousands of these for their numerous different products.

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