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Summer is Here...It’s Time to Start Getting Ready for Winter!

According to Shelly Tocci, Director of Sales at Edison Litho, “Savvy retailers and manufacturers know that the time to start getting ready for those winter holiday campaigns is coming up.”

Competition and a recovering economy mean that in-store marketing will play a more important role than ever before during the upcoming holiday season, requiring razor sharp creative campaigns and promotions.

Edison Litho understands what is happening in retail stores during the holiday season and what is necessary to ensure that the holiday campaign is a success. Planning the campaign must take into account the natural progression of promotional strategies as retailers push different buttons to reach the customer, get them to react, and ultimately purchase their merchandise.

MAY - JUNE: The Initial Planning
The initial planning for the holiday campaign ideally takes place in May. During this stage of the process, the retailer develops the initial creative look for the campaign, including preliminary plans for store displays. By starting early, Edison has time to build prototypes and work out all the “real world” kinks. Recently, Edison designed three dimensional hanging snowflakes according to the creative team’s specs. During the prototype process, Edison’s staff realized that the flakes were too fragile for shipping. To solve the problem, a new carton was designed for shipping to prevent damage.

JULY - AUGUST: Printing of Signage & Displays
During the summer months, the retailer should decide on the signage and displays. From printing to packing to shipping, Edison Litho’s on-site structural engineering team designs displays either from scratch or produces displays based on the retailer’s designs or specifications.

We can do a walk through or a review of floor space to identify any space restrictions and then design the signage to fit existing hardware. Alternatively, we can design the signage for new hardware, incorporating movement, lights and sound into the display. In order to ensure retailer satisfaction with the signage and displays, Edison produces “white samples” to review construction, then does a press test, develops a digital prototype, prints on actual material and sets up the signage and displays in a test store for the client to see it in real life before rolling it out to all their stores. Any kinks can be fixed and any changes can be made at this time.

SEPT - OCT: Shipping & Assembling
In these months, Edison Litho’s finishing and fulfillment departments assemble and kit your order and drop ship them to your retail locations, anywhere in the world. Because Edison Litho is set up to service national retailers, our vast facility and experienced, full time staff can handle anything you want: Multiple lines, dozens of variances, tight turnaround, or large holiday promotions. When you work with Edison Litho, you are dealing with a single supply source -- from design, to print, to finish to fulfillment.

NOV - DEC: Ongoing Holiday Promotions
As Black Friday approaches, there is a trend towards rolling out more prominent signage with special promotional sale signs. Retailers have been using every possible visual technique to entice shoppers into their stores, whether it’s a strong promotion or an eye catching promotional sign.

About a week to 10 days before Christmas, the bulk of the holiday purchases are made. This is when retailers offer the best deals in trying to unload their inventory as well as when shoppers feel the crunch and pressure to make their last minute purchases before Christmas. The Saturday prior to Christmas is usually the second-biggest shopping day of the year after Black Friday.

During this time, retailers need new signage offering changing sales, discounts, and price points. Edison can help retailers communicate compelling last minute offers when doing this final marketing push to attract people to their stores and help move merchandise off the shelves.

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