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Signage Solution for Music and Video Stores is Music to Client’s Ears

A large retail chain of music and video stores situated in malls throughout North America approached Edison seeking to cut signage costs. The retail chain produces in-store signage to promote seasonal sales messages.

In the past, each store would simply discard the signs after each sales event and order fresh ones for each upcoming season. However, due to the economic downturn, they were searching for an efficient way for each facility to store the signs safely and reuse them for the next sale period.

Edison Litho’s customer service team came up with a simple, effective and low-cost solution that would benefit the client by allowing them to store the signs and retrieve them in an efficient manner.

A corrugated system, similar to an oversized filing cabinet, was constructed with multiple pockets. This creative arrangement allowed the client to neatly fit dozens of rolled-up or flat signs inside. A label was affixed to each pocket and – voila! – the signs were ready to be displayed for the next applicable sale season, saving the client significant resources and money.

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