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Producing Litho Labels Faster than Anyone in the US

From time to time, a request comes in from a client for a Litho Label print job needed – yesterday! Having two new 81” KBA 205 Super Large-Format Litho presses, Edison can produce litho labels faster than any other litho manufacturer in the US.

Recently, a major POP/Packaging company in the Mid-West needed twenty two versions of litho labels, all 41 x 36 in size, printed overnight and delivered the next day. For any litho label printer this would be physically and logistically impossible. But, because Edison Litho has super large-format configuration (81 x 60) and two presses that size, we were able to run the large labels 2/up on a
press form. With both presses working side-by-side with prep and the plate room, the press room churned out all versions
in less than ten hours. The labels were then shipped back to the client’s plant in Chicago within twelve hours and the POP/
Packaging Company made delivery without a problem.

Here’s where Edison really shines: Because the super large-format size allowed the labels to be run 2/up on a press form, the print costs were reduced — as opposed to having to run 1/up, with twice the amount of press forms. In addition, because the presses are brand
new, the quality and colors turned out brilliant and precise. How often can a litho label buyer get high quality labels that fast, with no headaches, for the lowest cost? Always, when they use Edison Litho.
Edison Litho

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