In order to avoid delays in the processing of your job, we think it's a good idea to go over the following questions before submitting a job to Edison Litho.
  • Are ALL IMAGES, digital photos and artwork, included on transport disk?

  • Are ALL IMAGES appropriate resolution?

  • If full color, have images been converted from RGB to CMYK mode?

  • Did you prepare a laser copy or inkjet color copy of project to accompany digital file? If emailing us the file, did you prepare a PDF file of your project to ensure proper layout?

  • If CMYK or multiple spot colors, did you prepare laser copies of separations to accompany digital file?

  • Are all high resolution images PROPERLY LINKED to the layout document?

  • Are all bleeds set and checked?

  • Has the document been spell checked?

  • If CMYK, have spot colors been converted to process colors?
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