Color and Prepress


Color and Prepress


Technology: Edison Litho produces ORIS Certified proofs using the latest color management technology, proofing and plate setting devices.

Paper Versatility: Edison is one of the few printing companies with an on-site 64” sheeter. Our Goodstrong Dual Precision Sheeter lets you customize paper grade, height and length on-demand. Storing and cutting paper in house saves time, money and waste.

Color Accuracy: The company implemented the G7 method to standardize and perfect color management and has GMI certification. In addition, Edison’s on-site mixologist operates an on-site mixing station where colors can be custom prepared and tweaked almost immediately. These factors ensure consistent and perfectly accurate colors every time.

Sheeter - GMC 64”:

• Runs 64” rolls up to 81” cut off


• 10 Mac & PC stations
• In-House FTP site
• GretagMacbeth – EyeOne – ORIS certified proofs
• Canon IPF9000 w/ 12-color pigment ink system
• Inkjet plotters up to 60”
• HP Scanjet 8350
• Scitex scanner
• Creo Spectrum Proofsetter (up to 29” X 39”)
• Creo Trendsetter 5880 platesetter (up to 80”)
• Creo Magnus platesetter (up to 63” X 83”) with in-line oven & processor
• KBA Logotronic color system
• Prototype design & construction