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New online system to save clients time, effort & money

Ivy Newman is a woman with a mission. Her goal? To transform Edison Litho into a lean, green, technology-oriented printing company.

Serving in capacity as Edison’s Director of Information Technology, Ivy Newman brings 30 years of business and technology experience to Edison. Her goal is to develop a custom system which will lead Edison into the world of real-time technology and high-tech efficiency.

Edison Litho will be implementing one of the most sophisticated online quoting systems in the printing industry. The new software system that she helped design is simple to use and will offer Edison Litho’s clients instant online access to the details of their orders and shipments. It includes a custom designed online quoting system, prepress tracking system, inventory control, shipping system, and
cutting edge client interaction modules. This multifaceted project is being implemented in stages to insure a smooth and seamless transition for clients.

“In the near future, our system will supply real time information about every aspect of every job,” notes Joe Ostreicher, Edison’s Vice President. “Our customers will be able to be more in touch with the progress of their job, it’s scheduling, and it’s shipping.”

Customers are already looking forward to using the new system. According to one longtime Edison Litho client, the new price-quote system would “save him a significant amount of time, effort and money.”

Based on close to 60 years of printing experience, Edison designed the new online software programs to address the many challenges faced by customers ordering large-scale and detailed print jobs.

But Ivy is quick to note that her job focuses on more than just computer software and information technology – it focuses on ensuring complete customer satisfaction as well.

“My job is to help Edison run better and function more efficiently,” she says. “I enjoy creating systems through which information will flow accurately and correctly throughout the plant.
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