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MTA Arts for Transit: Edison Litho and the MTA Turn Printing Into a Fine Art

Edison Litho has been privileged to print top-quality billboards, advertising and signage solutions for the MTA that are seen daily by millions of New Yorkers in 468 subway stations and 6,442 subway cars. However, their work on behalf of the MTA Arts for Transit is particularly noteworthy.

MTA Arts for Transit commissions public art that is seen by hundreds of thousands of people who use New York City Transit, Metro-North Railroad, Long Island Rail Road, and Bridges & Tunnels. As one travels through the Metropolitan Transportation Authority network, one can experience a first-rate art museum with works created in mosaic, terra cotta, bronze, glass and mixed-media sculpture.

Edison Litho is responsible for handling the printing for many of these exceptional works of art that brighten the lives of countless people as they move around the city.

An MTA representative recently expressed appreciation for Edison’s work on the project.  “Thanks to all of the crew at Edison for printing the MTA Arts for Transit Art Cards and the Posters.  The Posters and Art Cards look great!  Additionally, thank you to everyone involved for carefully packaging and delivering the printed materials to the specific destinations.  There were many components to completing the project and I appreciate your attention to the details!”
Edison Litho

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