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Although Edison Litho has built up a solid reputation as a large-format printer with an expertise in printing on a variety of substrates, Edison has also become known for its quality control with regard to color management. This is due, in part, to its certification as a Gracol 7 and G7 Master Printer.
It may have taken famed artist Leonardo Da Vinci six years to paint his Mona Lisa masterpiece, but for the professionals at Edison Litho, it wouldn’t have taken more than twenty-five minutes.
Q: What are some of the types of plastic that Edison Litho prints on?
A: Edison prints on styrene, vinyl, static cling, silver foil, gold foil, blockout, magnetic material, and more. Each different plastic has unique properties that make it useful for different types of projects. For example, styrene is often used for large displays, power wings and banners. Static cling is easy to use and works well for display windows. Foil is shiny, metallic and is frequently used by stores looking to grab the attention of shoppers and passersby.
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