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In-the-Box Thinking: Edison carves out niche servicing co-packers

In the May 2011 issue of Printing Impressions, the magazine reprints an insightful blog posting from a reader. She writes, “As a customer, when I get behind the eight ball on a high priority project it’s all-consuming. I can feel the stress building like the heat on a mid-summer Miami morning, and I dial the number of my go-to print provider. The exact words I want to hear from a service provider at such a time are simply, ‘No problem.’”

“No problem,” are words that come up often, even for the demanding and challenging jobs for the corrugated market – a large segment of Edison’s business. Whether it’s a new product launch employing splashy temporary displays to get exposure or new sales and marketing strategies requiring fast turnaround and attention to detail, the corrugated market is a fast paced, speed to market driven business.

Tim Chrouser, Edison’s Mid-West Director of Sales, recalls one recent job producing labels for large temporary displays. “We received the files on Friday – twelve different versions, all oversized, nine different forms. We had everything printed by Sunday and delivered to Chicago on Monday. We’re a great fit for corrugators and co-packers, particularly those that have in-house graphics, because of our capacity and the number of large format presses in our facility, we’re able to turn around projects quickly and at low cost.”

And while that’s great news for Edison’s customers, it presented the writers of this article with a challenge. When interviewing Joe Ostreicher, COO of Edison Litho, for this newsletter article, we ran in to a problem. “Joe,” we pleaded. “Give us a ‘war story’ of an impossible job that came in at the eleventh hour and you saved the day with overnight turnaround.”

“That’s every job that comes through our door,” Joe deadpanned. “With the capabilities that our 3 KBA super large format presses give us, there’s almost no deadline that’s unreachable. The fact that we have two 81˝ presses puts us in a different league," Ostreicher contends. If a rush job comes in, we can put it on-press almost immediately. Within hours, we can process, proof and print your job."

Edison’s clients, like Alan Bonnes of Rapid Displays, appreciate those benefits. “My first experience with Edison Litho began the words, “we’ll do whatever we can to make it work.” These were not just words spoken to make a sale. On one of the most difficult jobs I have ever overseen as a 40-year print veteran, they did just that. At Edison I knew I was working side by side with the best in the business. Not only do the people at Edison know printing systems well, but they have a drive to produce the best job possible. These are the kinds of people I want working for me. If you need someone to work your art files for results that pop… If you need a pressman who works hard AND smart... If you need your parts shipped in the best way possible... If you are looking for an ink guy to hit spot colors dead on... If you want managers with years of experience and integrity to match... I know of no better than Edison. They are dedicated to doing every job the best it can be done. Just as impressive is the positive attitude which these professionals truly seek to serve their customers. They kept their smiles on a long, challenging job and kept their promise.“
Edison Litho

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