Gracol 7 is an industry standard for color separation that allows different printers to have consistency in colors. It set into place standards and controls that assure a closer visual match between the creative vision and the finished product on press. As Gracol experts, Edison Litho can easily match colors from other printers or suppliers who are also Gracol 7 certified.

The Gracol 7 certification program requires printers to undergo an audit process of press color measurement equipment, process
control procedures and quality of printing in order to receive certification. Every two years, Edison must apply certain curves and densities which are then tested to ensure that they meet the Gracol 7 standards. Edison constantly fingerprints the presses to make sure the standards are consistent with Gracol 7 and G7.

Roger Morell, Edison’s Director of Operations explains. "By printing to a recognized standard, Edison ensures that all the printed pieces look the same, with the same consistency of color. This helps print buyers, as well as print suppliers. With Gracol certification, you can rest assured that the color you see is the color you’ll get. Edison’s customers see the highest level of consistency in color as well as accuracy for each and every one of their print jobs.” As a certified Gracol 7 Master Printer, Edison Litho maintains the highest level of standards and consistency — guaranteeing it’s always a perfect match.