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Edison Litho awarded Best in Show Booth Award at GlobalShop 2015

Edison’s eye-catching booth design attracts visitors and wins Best in Show Booth Award for its retro drive-in theme representation of the company’s launch in 1958 out of 700 booths at GlobalShop 2015 by the International Interior Design Association.

In Detail: Edison Litho’s Retro Display Booth

Black & White.

A breathtaking 40 x 60 foot backdrop reached the rafters, dominating the show. The tone for the display was set with enormous images of people in 50’s- style mode of attire working at machinery, letterpresses and typewriters.

A black and white checkered floor added the perfect finishing touch.

Sing Out Loud!

A life-size, singing, lit up jukebox full of “records” showcased the company’s ability to print on a variety of substrates.


A colossal drive-in signage tower, emblazoned with custom neon lighting, twinkling lights and topped with a clock-face, nearly winked at passersby, welcoming them to drop in.

Joy Ride!

A full-blown bicycle added a whimsical dimension when propped against the drive-in diner signage. The wowfactor? Each spoke on the tires was cut out, based on a perfectly crafted die cut.

Bring on the Paparazzi!

An image of life-size proportions, depicting retro-styled photographers vying to take photos of passersby, created a humorous backdrop for the perfect photo-op.

Raising the Bar!

• Full diner-style bar counter – front texture:

• Bar stools

• Pendant lighting

Perfectly Set.

Diner-style “menus” detailing the company’s offerings graced the countertops along with full table settings, soda fountain glasses and milkshake mixers.

Lookin’ Good!

Guests enjoyed a free, fun moment – and keepsake — when posing for their photo with fun, funky and goofy accessories. With a retro camera displayed over the front of the booth, what more could make it picture-perfect?

Edison Litho

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