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Coming Through for Clients with Flying Colors

On-site mixologist ensures faster turnaround and accurate color for Edison Litho clients

“You’re a what?”

Frank Kozibroda often gets that reaction when he meets other people and tells them the title of his occupation: Mixologist.

While the job title may be confusing to those unfamiliar with the printing industry, it’s a moniker that proves to be quite valuable for Edison Litho.

Frank is Edison’s on-site ink mixologist responsible for ensuring the color accuracy and quality of Edison Litho’s printing ink. Unlike most other printers that utilize labs to create specific colors, Edison boasts a mixing station on premise where the colors can be developed and tweaked almost instantaneously. And, as Edison’s many satisfied clients will all agree, the benefits of having an in-house ink expert are numerous.

When a printing job is contracted, Edison creates an ink drawdown that is sent to the client for approval. The ink-mixing technique used for that specific color is recorded on file, ensuring that the color of every job done for this particular client will always be consistent.

If the client decides to adjust the hue, there is absolutely no delay while waiting for the revised color. Frank simply tweaks the ink ratio and a new, personalized color has been created.

When dealing with corporate clients, this is especially advantageous – particularly when dealing with corporate colors that call for consistency with every job.

Furthermore, if an ink-related problem occurs while on press, it’s not at all considered a problem. A massive stockpile of ink is stored on Edison Litho’s premises, practically eliminating delays or interruptions.

The net result? Consistent color, streamlined turnaround times and quality print jobs that surpass our client’s expectations…with perfectly-mixed, flying colors.
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