Case Studies

Edison Litho has been privileged to print top-quality billboards, advertising and signage solutions for the MTA that are seen daily by millions of New Yorkers in 468 subway stations and 6,442 subway cars. However, their work on behalf of the MTA Arts for Transit is particularly noteworthy.
The competitive Holiday season always brings with it creative campaigns and high quality promotions designed to attract as many customers as possible.
From time to time, a request comes in from a client for a Litho Label print job needed – yesterday! Having two new 81” KBA 205 Super Large-Format Litho presses, Edison can produce litho labels faster than any other litho manufacturer in the US.
Although watching soccer is not one of America’s favorite pastimes, for the rest of world’s population, it is an obsession. When the World Cup is held every four years, the entire world sits glued to their television sets. That was why when Citibank developed a promotional marketing campaign overseas designed to tie in to the excitement of World Cup soccer championship, they needed a reliable and talented team to step up to the plate and produce results – even in a crunch.
Creating billboards and advertising posters for an agency responsible for managing 468 subway stations and 6,442 subway cars can get rather complicated. That’s precisely why New York City’s MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) uses Edison Litho for their signage and printing needs.
A large retail chain of music and video stores situated in malls throughout North America approached Edison seeking to cut signage costs. The retail chain produces in-store signage to promote seasonal sales messages.
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